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Using the furniture product directory

The furniture and home furnishings directory is an electronic product catalog. Products are organized into 230+ categories to help you find the right products quickly and easily. There is a maximum 3 level deep category system in place to help you drill down to the right sub-category. To avoid any possible confusion as to how to find the right category, the directory incorporates two simultaneous classification types: typical rooms in a home and a broad product classification. In addition, sub-categories are NOT repeated in other main categories. All of this has been designed to make the directory as intuitive as possible.

Typical rooms in a home

Certain rooms are naturally common in every home and we have incorporated these rooms (bedroom, dining room, kitchen, etc.) into the organizational structure of the directory.

Broad product classifications

It was also necessary to incorporate a broad product function as a main category structure in keeping with the idea to make the product directory as intuitive as possible. Example: you can find accessories in every room of a home but it would be redundant to have an accessory sub-category for every room in a home if we had relied solely on the typical room classification.

Searching for a member

You can browse through list of members or you can use the advanced search and find the right industry member. Different types of members will have different landing pages and ways to perform a search. By using the advanced search option in every list you will be able to quickly drill-down to the right type of companies that meets your requirements.

Find a member’s homepage

Manufacturers, furniture dealers and specialist are allowed to have homepages to promote their company with The Furniture Industry. This is a concise version of their website to effectively communicate and market their company instead of you having to navigate multiple pages to determine if the company is the right match for your needs. You can browse through a complete list of homepages for each member type or you can search for a company in the member directory. If the company has setup a homepage there will be a direct link to their page in their detailed and summary profile.

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