Powerful Member Lists

The Furniture industry website manages 6 different types of member profiles. Some profiles are publically available while others are either private or reserved for industry channel members. Whenever you are reviewing a list of members you can always use the advanced search to filter the member list to find the company. The member lists displays basic information on the member; to reveal more information on a member simply click the member image to be directed to their detailed profile page.


Your profile will be kept private unless you specifically connect with another member; example: connecting with a Sales Associate will allow the specific Sales Associate to see your contact information. When you create your free profile account you will be able to add products to your personal wish list and connect with industry members. create an account...


Your profile account will be made public to help promote your company. We have already created a basic account for your company. Contact us to activate your profile and you will be able to enter additional information about your company. We will also capture all your products into the product directory for you and establish marketing links; namely: a link to your custom homepage, a link that will isolate all your products to help market your company’s profile. By activating your profile sales associate and the public will be able to add your products to their personal wish list.

Manufacturer Representatives

Your profile account will only be made available to members in the furniture industry; namely: manufacturers, dealers and their sales associates. In some situations we may already have created an account for you when we contacted your manufacturer. To create an account contact us so we can verify your credentials. If you did create an account independently you would have a ‘public’ profile. Simply contact us and we will upgrade your account to a manufacturers rep account to take advantage of all your marketing opportunities. You will be able to market yourself directly to dealers and their sales associates by completing your advanced profile. You will also be able to create several wish lists promoting your manufacturers products as well as a permanent portfolio of specific products.

Furniture Dealers

Your profile account will be made public to help promote your furniture store/s. We have already created a basic account for each of your stores. If your store or company is not listed in the furniture dealer member directory, please contact us. Each store will have its own profile to promote your company and the specifics of that store. When you activate your store’s profile you will be able to complete an advanced profile. Our management team will also establish a link to your homepage and hardcode your list of manufacturers so consumers can find your company when searching for local dealers who carry a suppliers products.

Sales Associates

Your profile account will be made public to help promote yourself, your sales/ design service and your company. We have not created an account for you. This unconventional marketing approach is only for Sale Associates who are interested in professionally marketing themselves. Contact us directly to create an account and so that we may verify your credentials. When you activate your account you will be able to develop a very detailed profile to encourage a consumer to specifically ask for you when shopping at your store; instead of losing a sale because it was not your turn. By having an account you will also be able to receive correspondences from customers and if connected you will always be able to send marketing information and easily maintain the business relationship.


Your profile account will be made public to help promote your services within The Furniture Industry network. If you are an interior designer, furniture restoration or repair company, sewing professional, or a residential contractor chances are we have already created a basic profile for you. You can double check our specialist member list to see if your company is listed and activate your profile. If your company is not listed please contact us. By activating your profile you will be able to promote your company and services, consumers will also be able to establish a connection with your company for you to market directly to them.

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