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Advanced Furniture and Furnishings Directory

We are continuously adding and updating products to The Furniture Industry's product directory. With nearly 6,000 manufacturers and suppliers in the furniture industry, we sure on our way to developing the most complete and centralized resource solution for furniture dealers and the public. Use our advanced furniture directory to find products you like and then locate a dealer in your area.

First select a product category, you can then choose to filter the product listings by the criteria set for the category. example: the filtering criteria for a sofa will be different to that of a dining room set.

Over 230 Product Categories

Furniture and home furnishing products have been intuitively organized into over 230 categories. Broad categories were selected based on either the general product grouping, room location in a typical home and product function to reduce the need for redundancies. Our directory was designed to help you drill down to exactly what you are looking for in matter of a few seconds. For example: sofas, sectionals, chaises, etc. are all grouped under the broad category of seating. Note: more specific categories such as “sofa” “sectionals” are NOT grouped under a further category of family room. In fact there is no broad category called ‘family room’. This was done to prevent any confusion in finding all the available products of a specific kind.

Filtering Capabilities

When you have narrowed your search down to a particular product category you can choose to filter the list of products even further. Filtering option will vary between different categories. However, the furniture style (Traditional, Modern, Transitional, etc.) filter applies to all product categories.
Example: If you were to search for a sofa, you can select the stationary sofa category. From there you select modern style filter as well as the filtering option grouping thoes sofas that can be customized- change upholstery material, attached or loose back cushions, etc. This then gives you a complete list of the exact type of sofa you are looking for.

Main Menu Changes

When you enter the furniture product directory section on The Furniture Industry website; the main menu structure at the top of the page presents you with different options from our standard menu navigation.

pdmenu-mainThis dropdown menu structure opens to display a quick and convenient link to be able to search for dealers, manufacturers and specialists member list as well as being able to explore their homepages.

pdmenu-popcatFrom time to time our administrative staff will select specific popular product categories to help you get to a specific category in just one click.

pdmenu-popfurThis is a very narrow product selection list and will take you to a specific product that a manufacture is promoting on our site.

pdmenu-advertOnce a month we will advertise a company directly on our main furniture directory menu. Please support this sponsor in following the link and visiting their website / webpage.

Wish List

The Wish List function will be linked directly to your member profile and our product directory. Simply create a free member account and when you are browsing our furniture directory add a product to your wish list. This will help you in referring back to products you like. It will also help you when you shop your local furniture store as you can access your wish list for any web browser. You can show the sale associate the products you are interested in and get real time pricing directly from the furniture dealer. You will even be able to email your wish list to friends, family and even sale associates that work at furniture stores.

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